Why I Won't Do Business With You

Few years ago, my standard procedure for finding the right vendor, associate or service was usually defined by two major parameters- quality and price. Over the years, this procedure has been tried, tested and defied by me through sheer experience of engaging with people!

I have seen people often lose their temper, curse if they don’t get their ask and very often speak rudely to junior members of my team in order to get their way. And very often, they justify it to themselves as it being a power play tactic that will help them win that deal or that moment. There is nothing that I more fervently want to break to someone who believes that this is okay- no, you can’t sit with us! (for real.)

If we are to work together I have to know it to be true that you can take defeat, you know your manners and no matter what kind of hot-shot, CEO material you maybe, you need to know how to talk to my staff!

If we are to work together, I need to know that our EQ matches, at least to a certain extent, and that you can keep it together if shit really goes down!

If we are to work together, you need to know that aggression is not a form of business tactic. You can be poised, have manners and cut great deals (case in point Claire Underwood of House of Cards, minus the murders though!).

If we are to work together, you need to know that if you are at a position today where you can call the shots, you are there because a lot of people worked hard with you and supported your journey.

Long story short, it takes a lot more than money and passion to run a business or to climb up that ladder. I’m yet to find out the other things, but one thing I’m sure of is, that goddamn it, it takes a lot of humility!